Saturday, 30 March 2013

family history series

I've had so much fun putting this series together. These are gorgeous pics plucked from the dusty boxes of my paternal grandmother's treasure chest - I love you Nanna xx

barry has a box brownie

Isn't he a treasure?  - that's my dad!

'barry has a box brownie' is the first in the family history series. 

This vintage photograph, of the budding photographer, was taken in 1946 on iconic Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia.

I have a vintage camera exactly like this in my house, scavenged from an estate clean-out. And yes, yes it's actually not a box brownie at all but a Kodak Junior
- but 'barry has a box brownie' just rolls off the tongue, so there you go!
 This vintage photograph has been printed onto 50 year old paper and is encapsulated in a hinged, brass frame. This delightful piece is hung on a beautiful red thread - other raw glass bead necklace options are also available. 
For more bespoke arrangements- go to shop

show me the glass beads - take me to etsy!

The back of this piece notes the historic location and date - a true collector's piece.

I can also create a similar piece with your own family photographs from a bygone era. Contact me for details

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